Abhaya Hospital
Welcome to Abhaya Group of Institutions
Abhaya Group of Institutions include Abhaya College of Optometry. Abhaya College of Nursing for 4½ years B.Sc Nursing course and Abhaya School of Nursing for 3½ years Diploma in Nursing Course which are recognized by Indian Nursing Council New Delhi and Karnataka Nursing Council, Bangalore aims in providing, both theoretical knowledge and practical nursing experience in a wide variety of nursing situations. We provide a learning environment which would enable the nursing students to grow into caring, competent, professional personable individuals, who will be and willing to take responsibility for all aspects of nursing care.
Key Features:
To-day the need of the hour in health care system is good, efficient nursing care
Nursing is a noble profession involves the care of people throughout the continuum of life and provides an essential service to humankind. As career professionals, nurses improve the quality of health care delivery. There are so many opportunities and career paths that are available for Nurses. Nursing offers opportunities from bedside practice to the president or top administrator of a healthcare organization. Clinical specialist, nurse practitioner, nurse administrator and nurse educator are just a few examples of the variety of opportunities awaiting you in a nursing career. Nurses are also appointed and elected to influential government positions. If you choose nursing, you will discover a career filled with personal and professional rewards. There will be even more opportunities in the future, as the entire health care system transforms because of new technology, changing population demographics and many other factors. The rise in health care needs, combined with a dwindling supply of nurses and an aging nurse populvation is putting the Nurses in the driver's seat when it comes to the job hunt.