About College

Welcome to the vibrant ABHAYA group of institution, one of the leading educational foundation, focusing vigorous training specialised learning facility. We uphold a reputation of teaching excellence gained over a period of time.

Abhaya group of institutions is part of Jayalakshmi Muniswamaiah Trust run by Medical Professionals already having ABHAYA multi speciality Hospital and ABHAYA Rehabilitation centre established in 2000.

OUR CAMPUS is situated in a serene zone in the garden city, Bangalore, nonetheless spaced out from its splendour and gale with lots of greeneries around with academic ambience is committed to develop our students passionate, dignified and talented to achieve ambitions treasuring our ritual of excellence. A green house at the middle of the campus is provided to interact with the parents of students. Campus has play grounds and gardens in order to maintain pollution free environment for the students. In house medical facilities are also provided including pharmacy.

ABHAYA believes in a system of education that fits with the changing educational patterns globally to meet the needs and challenges of today’s modern society.

Courses Offered by Institution

Basic Bsc. Nursing - Degree Programme

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Medium of Instruction: English

BSc Optometry - Degree Programme

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Medium of Instruction: English


  • Duration: 3 years
  • Medium of Instruction: English


Name: Prof. Mrs. P. Kodimalar
Qualification: MSc. Nursing (Communing Health Nursing)
Experience: 17 years

Contact Principal

Office: +91 2842 7290
Cell: +91 7353159268
Email: principal@abhayagroup.com

Clinical Facilities
  • Abhaya Multi Speciality Hospital - Parental Hospital (150 bedded)
  • Indiragandhi Institute of Child Health (500 bedded)
  • Kidwai Institute of Oncology (500 bedded)
  • Vanivilas Government General Hospital (1000 bedded)
  • Kaggalipura Community Health Centre (50 bedded)
  • Abhaya Addiction recovery centre (70 bedded)

College Area

Teaching Block Area

No. Teaching Staff Area (Sqr. Ft)
1 Lecture Hall 1178 / 1140
2 Nursing Foundation Lab
OBG and Pediatrics Lab
Anatomy and Physiocology
3 Computer Lab 1860
4 Staff Room 1200
5 Principal Room 480
6 Vice Principal Room 280
7 Library 2604
8 A.V. Aids Room 750
9 One Room for each Head of Department 950
10 Faculty Room 2600
11 Provisions for Toilet 1200

Hostel Block Area

No. Hostel Block Area (Sqr. Ft)
1 Single Room / Double Room 1 Latrine & 1 Room 
(5 Students)
2 Visitor Room 650
3 Reading Room 450
4 Store 650
5 Recreation Room 700
6 Dining Room 3150
7 Kitchen and Store 1700
Ground Floor 9,576
First Floor 9,576
Second Floor 9,576
Total 28,728 Sqr. Ft

Grand Total Area of Abhaya College of Nursing: 28,728 + 33,300 = 62,028 Sqr. Ft

Extra Curricular Activities and Community Health Participation

Abhaya college of nursing aims to nourish not only the mind but also the soul: Hence a number of sports and games are provided to the students the staff. To keep them Physically fit and active, mindblowing splenderous sportive activities were on going in the campus. To help them stay in toe a huge playground, surrounded by greeneries with All sports articles is available, for the events like throw ball, volley ball, shuttle cock, Discuss throw, skipping, tenni quoit, kho- kho, and all the atheletic field events.

To make them sharp and smart intellectual games like carrom, chess, businessSet, snake and ladder, etc, are given to the students. Guidance and practice are given to all the students in all the events.

On behalf of the student nurses association cultural programmes are conducted everynow and then. Competitions in the matters pertaing to both professional and non Professional issues in the fields of arts like eloqution, poetry, essay and story writing, Quiz programmes, debates and culture arts like dancing singing, mime, tabloo etc,. are made in the hand of young sculptors. Plans on talent night, hostel day, and College day are to be executed.

As a service to the mankind activities like participating in and arranging the Celebration during the occasion like independence day, republic day, world heath Day, nurses day, world cancer day HIV/ AIDS day, breast feeding week, and the Celebrations of other professional organizations.

Students will be provided with plenty of opportunities to grow professionally By participating in local level, state level, national level, international level professional Seminars, workshop, symposiums, etc,. and will be given chances to write articles in theProfessional newsletters & journals like the nursing journal of India.

Further plans to inaugurate and participate in national and international level organizations and association like NSS, NCC, Red cross, Rotary and Lion’s club Of the region are on progress.

The students will be made familiar with the professional and non Professional organizations by participating in the intercollegiate meets, workshop, Seminars, and in the sports and cultural meets at the intercollegiate level, state level, And national level. With a good exposure to the co-institutions, a good platform is Created for them to improve their leadership abilities and skills and to serve the mankind With their maximum potentials. Abhaya college of nursing thus produces students with Scientific knowledge, a good physique, enriched with managerial and leadership Qualities to glitter in and lead the world forward.