The best of medical facilities beckon you. Modern, yet affordable is our mantra. It is a little wonder that we are a name to reckon with in providing quality healthcare. Abhaya Hospital is home to some of the finest and modern Medical equipment today.

Here at Abhaya, we are continuously striving for the best to scale better heights in pursuit of providing quality healthcare, with a dedicated team of researchers & surgeons, keeping in mind to uphold the ethics of this noble profession. We are committed to provide the public & the profession the benefits of the most advanced technological developments in the field of medicine.

Our Facilities Include:
  • 100 beds with comprehensive services
  • A well - equipped ultra modern Operation theatre with operating microscope
  • State - of - the - art Intensive Care Units (ICU) with ventilators
  • A well-equipped Dialysis unit.
  • Emergency trauma services
  • Ambulance service on call
  • In-house fully equipped laboratory and CT scan
  • Consultancy, Diagnostics & therapy
  • 24-hour Pharmacy