Objects of Educational Programme

The programme provides the students an opportunity to acquire knowledge, values and skills necessary for professional nurse and optometrists to develop as professionals

  • Instilling and developing in the students an aptitude for nursing and providing them with necessary knowledge and skills for delivering comprehensive nursing care to patients / people / families.
  • Developing a team spirit by working with other members of the health team in the promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health and alleviation of suffering.
  • Creating in the students awareness of the social and, at the same time, unique nature of each individual, considering her as a person, as part of a family unit and as a member of society at large.
  • Awakening in the students a desire to serve their country today and orienting them to an awareness of the health needs of the rural population and their own role in working to meet these needs.
  • Developing in the student's qualities of personal, intellectual, and professional leadership as also decision - making abilities in varying situation.
  • Stimulating a desire for further study in the advanced fields of the nursing profession.